Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hospital Update

Things are trekking along here.... Alex is feeling better but still running consistent temps between 100-101. At this point we are not sure what infection we are fighting. We do know that his labs started to look much better after 24 hours on antibiotics. We have not seen the primary team or Dr. P yet this morning so I am unsure if we will do a full course of antibiotics or not.

From the GI side of things, labs look good. His weight is up a tiny bit, but they said they need to assess it in 2-3 day chunks. They are making it sound like they want to keep an eye on him for a while! UGGG! I am hoping if things stay stable they will change their minds.

Alex's temperment and behavior has been excellent. He has been playing quietly and watching lots of movies. I have told him we will start school tommorrow. He is trying to convince me that you cannot do school in the hospital! Last time he got Dr. K to write him a Dr's note excusing him from school. It's a conspiracy around here!

I will update if I have any more info or there are any changes later!

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