Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not What We Expected!

We are in the hospital, but not necessarily for the reasons we expected! We saw GI yesterday morning and as we expected they were very concerned about his weight and current nutritional status. It was decided that Alex should be admitted to start TPN and watch labs closely. There is a syndrome called refeeding syndrome that is seen in severely malnourished people when they are given proper nutrition. It makes their electrolytes very unstable. So they decided he needed to be watched in the hospital for several days and check labs every 12 hours.

We headed to home to get all of our stuff and head back to the hospital. We were admitted to the general pediatrics floor and within an hour he had spiked a fever. This started a mad rush to try and get labs run, cultures drawn, antibiotics started and us moved to our "normal" unit for more complex care.  Unfortunately, there were no beds available so it took a little while. The poor boy had to be stuck for blood, do a throat swab and a nasal swab. It was a hard night! He was able to fall asleep about 8:30 and we got antibiotics, IVIG and TPN started. Alex spiked a higher fever to 103. We have done labs twice and it is clear he has an infection, but still have no source.

We have seen several doctors, but until we know what is going on and see more labs we have no plan for when we will be discharged.

I will do my best to keep y'all updated. Thanks for your prayers.

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