Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, October 5, 2009

Now that I am home with my laptop, I can post a decent update!!!

We left here late Thursday morning and headed to San Antonio. Thursday was pretty low key. Friday we were up early and on our way to Sea World! We had a blast. Alex loved every minute of it. We had perfect weather: 75 degrees and slightly overcast. The park was practically empty because it was a Friday when the kids are in school. I was so proud of Alex he fed fish to the dolphins and rode a couple of "scary" rides. BAsically it was a great day that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Fri​day afternoon when we got to the hotel, Alex's cheeks were flushed and he felt a little warm. I took his temperature and it was 101.5. I figured we had overdone it at Sea World. I decided to go ahead and give him some IV fluids to see if that would help at all. I could tell he didn't feel well, so Dad and I left to get an early dinner with Alex so we could get back and put him to bed. At dinner he could barely hold his head up. He wouldn't walk. He was just not himself. When we got back to the hotel I took his temp again and it was up to 102.5 and he was complaining of a headache and sore throat. Our instruction​s are normally to go to the hospital for anything over 100.5 because of the possibility of a severe blood infection because he has a port. Because he had the headache and sore throat, I was more comfortable that that was not the problem. So we went to bed praying it would be better in the morning. Well, overnight his temperature creeped up and stayed around 103.8 despite 2 doses of tylenol. I woke up Saturday morning and quickly took a shower and started packing. I was sure we were heading to Houston. At this point I really though he probably had the flu. Well, my little stinker woke up with his temperature down to 102.5 and much more energetic. So I held off leaving for Houston. All day his temp stayed between 100.5 and 102.5, but his temperment was good. Dr. K(who is the world's best doctor) called me around 9:00 AM. After much discussion we decided, I was okay to watch him as long as he was not lethargic and was tolerating feeds. The plan was for me to watch closely and then head to Houston Sunday so she could see him in clinic Monday morning. He was up and down all day Saturday, but never got noticeably worse so we hung in there. Yesterday, he woke up with his temperature in the 99's. Once again, I got Dr. k on the phone and we decided it was safe to come home and run labs today and see Dr. Benzick. Alex still does not feel 100%, but he does not have a fever and seems okay. At this point I do not think it is the flu. He simply isn't sick enough. I think he just had another virus.
I didn't make it to the rehearsal dinner or wedding, but was able to see beautiful San Antonio! I cannot wait to make another trip down there so we can enjoy it more!

I cannot thank you enough for all your prayers this weekend. I will update again later today with news from the labs and dr appt.

PS- Huge thanks to Liz (our OT)!!! Having Alex do oral temps this weekend was a lifesaver. And he touched fish! What have you done with my son????

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