Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, October 26, 2009

Coming to give my lab update. BUT before I get to that I have to share our hysterical moment from yesterday...​
We were out practicing on our new bike. We had our first incident. Despite explaining how the brakes work, the scared five year old who was going to fast didn't USE the brakes. I was holding Hayley (one of our labs). Bruce watched Alex go flying by him, tipping and down a driveway into the street all tilting dangerously to the right. Amazingly he didn't fall and I went sprinting after him. After screaming at my husband for not doing anything, I even coaxed Alex back on the bike. Which is a miracle in and of itself! SO we continued on... Alex turns to me a little while later and says, "Mommy- What is wrong with Daddy? He's so dumb. Why would he let me go into the street like that? Doesn't he know I am only 5 and he's about to be 14?" Bruce and I were laughing so hard. Apparently Alex has heard Bruce and I talking about his impending birthday when he will be 40!!! I love when they are this priceless!

A​s for labs....The​y weren't fabulous today. His clotting numbers are getting worse weekly. His liver numbers are trending back up. And most surprising is that he was dehydrated today! I totally didn't see that one coming. Since we had modified his fluids he has been doing great. I am not sure what happened. The only thing I can think is that he has been running low grade temps for about a week now. I am wondering if that is causing him to become dehydrated. Other then that he seems no worse for the wear!

I am gearing up for our trip next week to Houston. We are up to 9 or 10 appointment​s over 7 days! The good news is the surgeon is going to take a look at Buggy's tube again and see if we can figure out why it causes so much pain! We are also hoping to fit in some fun times with Mimi!

Please keep Bruce and his search for a job in your prayers. The longer we are without an income the more scared we become.

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