Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things continue to improve! We are up to 20 cc's/hour of full stength formula and doing great. Tomorrow is the day we start decreasing his TPN which is a huge milestone. The only concern we have is his blood sugar. Alex has a HUGE amount of dextrose in his TPN. When we start dropping his TPN we will probably see some low blood sugars. So tomorrow we will begin checking his blood sugars every 4 hours.

We still have him on 1 liter of oxygen. Dr. Pacheco doesn't want him using energy trying to keep his saturations up. The decision we came to today was that we would wait till after we transfuse him to wean the oxygen. Hopefully, tomorrow is transfusion day. We are trying to wait as long as possible. Poor baby looks horrible!

Ev​eryone start saying your prayers...I have official word that if everything continues in the right direction we will be discharged Tuesday!!!! It has been a long 3 months, but the end is in sight. My bed is calling!


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