Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sorry I am just now getting around to updating! I have not had a good day. I have had a migraine all day which in turn has made me very nauseaous. Then this afternoon I stubbed my toe and ripped the entire nail off my pinky toe. So my foot is throbbing. It just has NOT been my day!

Alex is doing okay. He desparately needs blood. They decided to wait until the morning. He seems to be getting better each day from the infection. The doctors have warned us we are still not out of the woods, but they are encouraged that he is playing and smiling more each day.

Alex is now on full strength formula!!!! We will go to 20 cc's tomorrow. I can tell his ammonia is already starting to go up. Please pray for me to be patient with him. It is so difficult when he is so mean to stay calm and collected. I am so used to him being such a good boy. It is hard to see him disobeying and hitting and throwing and all the other things that make me crazy when his ammonia is high.

The hope is for us to go home early next week it things continue as they have been. For a few weeks April 7th has been our goal date as my Dad flies in the next morning to visit for a week. We are desparately hoping and praying we do not have any more set backs!


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