Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh the joy of being home! I have picture after picture of Alex with an ear to ear grin. He is just loving being a normal kid. Alex only gets a real bath once a week when his port is deaccessed. He looks forward to that bath. Last night he was in there forever!! By the time he got out he was so pruned up! I just love to see that smile and here that giggle though.

Toda​y was zoo day. Any of you who know Alex know that he is a true animal lover. We belong to 3 zoos and our days there are always a treat. Today could not have been any nicer. It is 75 degrees adn sunny. Just a beautiful day. I was so proud of Alex. He walked so far today. Normally, he spends most of the time in his stroller. Today he was so happy to walk.

Tomorr​ow we have an appointment with a metabolic geneticist here in Fort Worth. Dr. Koenig and I decided it would be valuable to have someone at the local hospital who is familiar with Alex in case of an emergency. Alex and Granpa are also going to plant some flowers in front of the house.


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