Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, October 17, 2008

We are settling back in! Alex is so happy to be back in his surrounding​s and especially with his toys! He is doing really well with me, but having a hard time following directions with the nurse. He is just testing her constantly. After 8 weeks of only having to listen to Mommy it is hard to have to listen to someone else too. The only struggle I am having with him is bedtime. He is doing great at naptime, but bedtime is a fight everynight. He got used to a light room and Mommy being right there. I refuse to lie down with him until he is asleep every night. It just ain't happenin'! So he is working through it. It is just a hard adjustment.

Alex started back at therapy on Wednesday and I was pleasantly suprised. He did a great job. He loves his Andrea. He worked really hard and has not lost as much strength as we had feared. So that was really good news. We went from there to playgroup. He was so happy to be playing with his friends again. I don't think I even saw him all morning.

Other then that we have had a really quiet week. Alex is back to taking extremely long naps. I am waking him up each afternoon at almost 5:00. So it is nice to be getting back to normal.

We have two weeks and then we head off for our weekend of fun in Orlando.


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