Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We are still at the hospital. Once again plans are changing. The formula we were hoping to use was a 30 calorie/oun​ce formula. Alimentum is only 20 cal/ounce. To get in the amount of calories they want him to have it amounts to about a 20 oz difference in volume. Alex is having a hard time handling that much formula. We are going to try another formula. Please pray that he can accept this next formula. They are hoping to send us home this afternoon or evening.

Alex is doing great. He is on regular tylenol. He is pretty comfortable unless we move him or mess with the tube. He is sitting up and playing today. He has painted. he is singing and talking so overall he is handling everything pretty well. A few times he has asked to eat, b ut when we tell him he can't he is accepting it.

Hopefully, our next update will be from the hotel!

YEAH!!!! We're getting discharged! The switch to the new formula has been going great. Keep up the prayers. He has been on the formula for 2.5 hours and is not reacting. They are going to hold us till 6 to make sure, but everything is in the works. We are so thankful to all the nurses and most especially Dr. Putnam. This trip has been worth it. Dr. Putnam does not think that the eosinophili​c disorder is "our answer". He thinks there is more going on. We will look at that in months to come, but at least we are on the right path and finally getting some help.

Hopefu​lly, the rest of tonight will go well and we can have a nice relaxing day tomorrow before we travel home.

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