Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Alex gave us a scare last night. I am not really sure what today holds. We did 4 500 ml enemas (which is about 65 oz of fluid) between 10 and 4. Alex has still not pooped. The GI resident that was on the floor last night doesn't know if that means that he is just really impacted or if something is wrong with his intestines. At 4:00 am Mom and I refused to let them do another enema because they were unable to answer any of our questions. At this point we are not sure whether Dr. Putnam will just choose to clean him out in the OR under anesthesia or whether he will postpone the surgery. We will keep you updated.

Well we survived the morning! They did go ahead with the surgery. While we were in holding for the OR, Alex had his first poop and proceeded to throw up bile. They got a little nervous and wound up rushing him into the OR and inserting a breathing tube pretty quickly. The surgery went as well as could be suspected. Alex's digestive tract looks okay and his tube went in without a problem. Dr Putnam said Alex's stomach is not in the usual position! His tube is directly above his belly button instead of on the left side.

Poor Alex is in a lot of pain, but is on morphine and sleeping. His heart rate is a little high and his oxygen has dropped a little, but the nurses reassure us it is just the pain. I will update more later and also post some pictures.

Well the fun never ends with this little buggy! Alex is running a 102 fever,.crou​py cough and his face is really swollen and broken out. We have had blood taken, xrays taken, and are getting ready to catheterize him. They want to rule out infection and make sure that his tube is placed correctly and his belly looks okay. We are also giving him IV benadryl at this point b/c the swelling and rash looks like it could be an allergic reaction. Mom and I are holding up, just really frustrated with the nurses. Alex has been an absolute angel. He is really tired and woozy and just not feeling well at all. His belly is not as sore as we expected. He just feels awful from the fever and being run down.

The plan right now is to start clear fluids through the tube tomorrow morning and then advance to the formula. Hopefully things will progress once they figure out why he has the fever. I will keep you updated.

Th​anks for all your prayers. The worst is over!

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