Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Week of Fun

We had such an incredible week! Last Friday (Alex's Birthday) we took it easy and just had a quiet day at home. We knew we had a busy weekend coming up.

On Saturday, we had Alex's party for his friends. We held it at Urban Air Trampoline Park. The kids had such a blast on all the trampolines.
Alex loved having a day to spend with so many of his good friends!

After such much needed rest Saturday afternoon and night, we packed up Sunday to head to the Great Wolf Lodge. We have wanted to take Alex to Great Wolf for several years.  It is a hotel with an indoor water park and a host of other fun activities. We decided to save up and surprise Alex for his birthday. I have to say we had a blast! It was worth every penny. Bruce, Grandpa, Alex and I all loved the hotel and the water park. We were there all day Sunday and were allowed to use the facilities until 9 PM on Monday, but by lunchtime we were all exhausted and headed home. This weekend was definitely one of my favorite memories. I hope we get a chance to do it again!

I had a waterproof disposable camera with me, but most of the pictures were too dark to see. And somehow I only managed to get one picture with Grandpa! Dad was with us until this morning, but we really had a quiet week after Monday. We were all exhausted. Alex loves having my Dad around. they like to give each other a hard time and joke around a lot. We were sad to see him go, but were glad he got to be here for Bug's birthday.

Now we switch gears. Alex and I leave Tuesday morning for Houston. We are going down to complete a couple of tests that we had to reschedule as well as the Heart Cath and potential closure of the hole in his heart. If I am being honest, I am more worried then usual about this test. Our last admission was when Alex pulled out his tube and wound up inpatient for almost a month with pancreatitis and seizures following anesthesia. We have been forewarned that we will not have one of the anesthesiologists who know Alex well and they most likely will use a different protocol. That is very scary to me. Alex doesn't do well with anesthesia on a good day, much less when things are different. There is also the unknown about the outcome of the procedure and how long we will be in Houston. I like it much better when I know what to expect!!! I ask that you pray for us this week. Pray for peace of mind for me, for Buggy to be safe and not too worried, for the Dr's to make the best decisions for Bug. I will update throughout the week.


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  1. Praying for a really good outcome and a peaceful week.