Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Good Day

Overall things went pretty well today! Alex woke up feeling pretty good. He had both an echo and an ekg this morning. I am assuming they were fine, but I haven't officially heard. Then we removed his pressure dressings from his groin. He was happy that he could get off bed rest and move around.

We saw hematology this morning. They let me know that we need to stop his aspirin therapy which was only started last night! They do not want him to have it until he is afebrile for 24 hours. They also let me know that he is anemic once again and may need blood. His coags are also elevated meaning he isn't clotting correctly so they have started Vitamin K once again. They wanted to review some of the tests regarding his DVT and occluded femoral vein, but felt that most likely we would just leave it alone unless Alex starts to become symptomatic.

Dr. Pacheco came by this afternoon. She made the decision to stop Vanc and is trying to find an oral antibiotic that is safe for Alex. She wants to watch him for a few days and make sure he isn't going to get sick now that we have stopped the IV antibiotic. His CBC looked great this morning(from an infection standpoint) so we will repeat it in the morning to make sure things still look good.

We started feeds slowly this afternoon at 10 cc/hr. We should be up to goal rate on Sunday. We are hoping to be discharged Sunday or Monday. I need to schedule a few followups for next month, but it will feel good to be home.


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