Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is the Life!

We are in NC and Alex and I have decided we were made to be beach bums! As I have said before we look forward to this vacation all year long. We count down the days as it gets closer and dream up all the fun we are going to have. Well...2 days in and it is a good as advertised.

We arrived Tuesday around lunchtime and Alex ran off the plane into Mimi's waiting arms! We got "home" and quickly got unpacked. Then we deaccessed Alex's port and into the pool we went. We didn't get out of the pool until dinnertime. It was early to bed.

Wednesday we slept in and then headed to the beach. Alex and I both LOVE the beach! In true Alex fashion it took no time at all for Alex to make a new friend. And it shouldn't surprise anyone that it was a girl! Alex and Bailey were best buddies quickly and Mom and I got to sit in our chairs while the two of them entertained each other for hours. We came home in time for a nap. After naptime it was back in the pool and Alex did great! He took his life jacket off and was swimming with me just barely holding his shorts. It was dinnertime again before we came in for the night. After a quick shower it was time to reaccess his port and get some much needed fluids. (He was getting dehydrated for sure.)

Today was a quiet day. But we did get to have lunch with one of our favorite people Ms. Pat! She is like a surrogate Grandma and loves Alex. Then we all napped all afternoon. I told you this is the life!!!!

Tomorrow Grandpa comes and then Saturday Aunt Jenn-Jenn and Skye-Skye. We can't wait for more adventures.



  1. I love it! Now, if only he'd get a little color on his body! :)

    I know you think you were made to be a beach bum, but really, any kind of bum will do for you!

    Miss you!

  2. Ali,
    You guys look like you are having so much fun!
    Do you mind if I show these pics to Yoi. He really wants to meet someone else who is tubey squared (what we are calling his two tubes). I think he will be excited to see pics of another kiddo who is tubey squared and that mommy "knows".