Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, July 5, 2010

From Ordinary to Extrordinary!

What a great weekend we have had!

After almost 10 days of seclusion As Alex recovered from being sick, we had decided to make plans for the Fourth! We had decided to meet friends on the 3rd for a festival and see fireworks in an adjoining town. However, the appropriately named Hurricane Alex had other thoughts. After several days of heavy rains, Allison and I decided it would be too muddy and that we couldn't meet up for fireworks. Alex was devestated that we weren't going to continue our tradition of watching fireworks with his beloved Brookie! We promised him that we would drive and park and watch the fireworks from the car. So Saturday night at 8:30 we piled in the car and found a place to pull over. Little did we know that we had found the PERFECT spot. The fireworks went off right in front of us!Alex really liked the fireworks this year. He oohed and aahed and thoroughly enjoyed it. So while it wasn't the celebration we had planned we were happy with our fireworks experience and ready to move on.

Yesterday, we planned on once again having a quiet day. We had just sat down to introduce Alex to the great movie "Goonies" when Bruce's phone rang. It was our good friends and neighbors, Todd and Rosa. They have an awesome boat theat they have been gracious enough to take us out on in the past. They were letting us know that they were going to head out to Lake Grapevine to watch fireworks from the boat and wanted us to join them! We quickly scrambled to pack a bag, get dinner, get in bathing suits and deaccess Alex's port. Then we were off to the lake. What a fun night! Alex swam and played. He watched fireworks from the water and was up entirely TOO late! But it was worth every minute! He chattered and laughed and loved every minnute. He even called to tell Grandpa he wants to buy his boat! (I wonder where he's coming up with the money for that???) We have already made plans to head out on the boat again later this week.

So while we were home way too late and had to then quickly reaccess Buggy's port and I will probably pay the price today with a cranky child who didn't get enough sleep, the memories we made will last a lifetime!


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  1. Sometimes the opportunity to make memories needs to throw practicality out the window!

    Good for you!