Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Vacation

Alex has sure made up for our lack of sleep over the weekend this week! He has been sleeping in and taking extra long naps. It is nice to be in our "normal" routine and see Alex thrive in the norm. He is like his mother and likes things organized for sure!

Tuesday we had therapy and Alex did a great job. We then came home to finish up our next to last day of school. The rest of Tuesday was a nice quiet, relaxed day.

Wednesday was Alex's six year check up. Dr. Benzick and nurse Judy hold such a dear place in our hearts. They have been such an important part of Alex's care and have gone out of their way for years to try and make sure Alex gets the best care possible! Overall, Dr. Benzick was pleased with where we are. He is still concerned about his growth/weight. Even after gaining 4 lbs over the last 4 months on TPN, Alex is not on the chart for weight and his BMI is barely holding on. He wants us to keep a close eye on this as he is concerned at some point his lack of nutritional reserves will start to effect other organs. He was also upset that we still have not seen Cardiology. Our appt has been cancelled 3 times in Houston. He made me promise that if our next appt is cancelled that we will see someone locally. After the doctor appt we met Allison, Brookeand Peyton for a movie and McDonald's. As always Alex loved every minute with "his girls"!

Yesterday was officially our LAST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!! It was met with a mix of excitement and sadness. I am amazed at how far Alex has come this year. His independence is starting to take off (finally) and his academic skills are astounding. Now if his poor fine motor skills would catch up we would be in business. It is unusual that a mother gets to experience a child's learning as I have this year and to watch the joy and pride that he has when he masters a skill is a true gift. While some days I would love to boot his little heiny out the door, for the most part I am so lucky for every precious minute I get to share with my Buggy.

Last night I started to not feel well and woke up this morning feeling pretty bad. Please pray fro my health as we have a couple really busy weeks coming up. Of course I am worried Bug will pick up whatever I have.

Now for two exciting things that happened this week....

Alex was approved by Make A Wish Foundation to be granted a wish. He was officially placed on their list and we will start the process when we get home from NC. Alex is very excited and full of ideas! We will keep you posted throughout this process as Buggy experiences this special time.

Next, some of you may remember that Alex was fortunate to enjoy a professional photoshoot through The Littlest Heroes Project and Starglo Photo. I received my photos and CD yesterday and they are gorgeous!!!

As always we ask that you keep Alex's health and our financial worries in your prayers. Thank you for blessing us by being a part of our lives!

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