Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the season...

We have been enjoying the festivities of the holidays. Friday night we took Alex to sit on Santa's lap. He really didn't want to, but once he did it, he was okay. He told me it wasn't as bad as he expected. He told Santa he wanted a nintendo ds, a ucreate music and a silver guitar. Santa has two of the three so hopefully he will be happy!
Last night we went driving around and looked at Christmas lights. Some of them were simply amazing! Alex loved it and asked if we can look at some of our favorites again. It was definitely a good time.

This morning was our playgroup Christmas party. We hosted it at our house. We rarely get everyone to our house because everytime we are scheduled to host, Buggy winds up in the Hospital. He was so excited for his friends to come over to HIS house. He was bouncing off the walls. Needless to say he is sound asleep now!

On a less positive note....Bru​ce is still without a job and we are scared. We are really close to rock bottom. We continue to ask that yo pray for Bruce to find a job with good insurance. Also, if anyone hears of any sales jobs please let us know.

I never updated about Buggy's liver last week. The doctors agreed that the upward trend is not great, but they also agree that it is most likely just a reflection of Alex's fluctuation​s caused by his mito. So for now we will just watch and make decisions if it continues to worsen. We check labs again on Monday.

To our angel....We received a very unexpected and generous donation in the mail today anonymously. I cannot even begin to put in words what it means to us. I was in tears yesterday because I knew that I could not afford to pay for our private insurance premium next month. Thanks to you, Buggy will keep his insurance one more month. That is a priceless gift. I only pray you know how much we appreciate this blessing.

I will post an update after Christmas with some new pictures.

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