Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, June 26, 2009

This has probably been the most frustrating hospital stay I have ever experienced! Without one doctor "running the show", no one can come to a decision about anything. We have been round and round in circles about what to do. Me being the ultimate planner, I am beyond frustrated.​

I don't even know what to tell you is going to happen, so I am just going to explain the predicament. Alex's blood is not clotting correctly. They think this is related to his liver issues. It also explains the bruising I have been worried about over the past few weeks. Yesterday when we realized he wasn't clotting correctly we gave the vitamin K infusion. Unfortunate​ly, this did not improve his clotting time. So the doctors made the decisionto call in Hematology. We have seen hematology sporadicall​y over the last year, but they are not a group of doctors we know well. Hematology is running a bunch of labs trying to get a feel for what exactly is going on. They think that it is most likely related to the liver. They have cautioned me to keep a close eye on Alex and make sure he does not start having bloody noses or bleeding around his tubes. If he starts bleeding we will need to transfuse plasma. Hematology has given the okay to go ahead with the liver biopsy provided we transfuse first. Now GI is getting cold feet about doing the biopsy in light of the bleeding issue. I am frustrated because the liver is most likely the cause of the bleeding issues. So no definite decision has been made yet.

I will continue to update as we know more.

PS- Alex's infection around his Jtube is clearing on the antibiotics and has taken a back seat at ths point.

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