Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Change of plans...

I should know better then to utter the "H" word until I have discharge papers in my hand. So needless to say we are not coming home. There were a few more tests that needed to be run and his med schedule needed to be adjusted. so the soonest we were going to get out of here was tomorrow. It seemed silly to come home for a couple days and then turn right around. They were able to move the biopsy up to either Monday or Tuesday.
The only other new development is that after weeks of me complaining about how badly Alex is bruising, we know why.
Alex is not clotting correctly. They believe he is deficient in Vitamin K and that most likely it is related to his liver. He is getting an infusion of vitamin K now and we will check labs again later.

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