Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, February 22, 2008


We left this morning, dropped Janette and Monty off at the airport and headed home. We got in about 4:00. We are tired, but glad to be in our own space and ready to be in our own beds.

I took the dressing off Alex's leg today and it looks pretty good. It is about an inch and a half and just a thin line. It still has steri strips on it. He is doing great. Still not putting any weight on it, but trying to move around.

We will head back to Houston in about three weeks. At that time we will see Dr. Koenig again. We will also see the immunologis​t again, a GI and endocrinolo​gist. The main reason for going is so Alex can have a port placed. It is a small disc under his skin near his collarbone. It has a line that will go into one of his large veins. The top of the disc is soft rubber. We will be able to use a small needle and start an IV or draw blood without having to poke and prod a hundred times. It will also allow us to give IV meds at home should the need arise. It is a very minor surgery. About the same scope as the muscle biopsy. We will spend 2 nights in the hospital. The night before and after the surgery. The main reason for the night before is so we don't have to sit and wait in the waiting room for 8 hours again, carrying around all our stuff! It also allows us to start an IV the night before so we don't have to worry about his blood sugar.

Test results will start coming in next week and will come in intil the biopsy comes back in about 8 weeks. Please pray for my sanity during this time of waiting!


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