Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, February 15, 2008

I am going to do my best to fill you in. My brain is mush. This morning we got to the hospital around 10:00. We had to pre register for surgery and meet with anesthesia. They did a very thorough history. We left there around 12:30 and headed to Dr. Koenig's. We ran into one of the girls I have been correspondi​ng with online. That was neat and we had a few minutes to chat.

Dr. Koenig was INCREDIBLE!!!! She spent almost 2 hours with us. She answered a bunch of questions and brought up some new stuff, but until the testing is done she can't give us a ton of info.

She did verify that sugar is not good for Alex. She explained it...Alex's body doesn't break down sugar correctly which causes sugar to build up in his system. So when Alex eats one lollipop it is like a normal kid eating 8. Explains why he was such a monster!

The immunologis​t (who we will see on Tuesday) thinks it is possible that Alex may have a VERY rare (like 1 in 500,000) disorder. After we talk to the immunologis​t they will do some more testing on that.

So we have two days to catch our breath and enjoy ourselves before the craziness starts again on Monday.

We also have moved to a hotel. I'll explain tomorrow when I am more coherent.


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