Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Fun!

As everyone else's summer is winding down, we are getting ready to embark on one of our favorite adventures of the year. Every year we are lucky enough to spend 3 weeks with Mimi and PopPop swimming in the pool, going to the beach, playing lots of miniature golf and just taking a break from doctors appointments and therapy. We have made this trip annually since Alex was 2 and we look forward to it every year.

Before we head out we did manage to have some fun locally and to squeeze in some doctors appointments.

We are blessed to be a part of a group called HopeKids. They offer opportunities for families of chronically ill kids to make memories outside of the doctors office and hospital. This week we attended 3 events and had so much fun! On Sunday we went to TopGolf. Maddy loved every minute. Unfortunately, it was really hot and Alex did not feel well. This is an event that in the past Alex has loved. Hopefully next time he will feel better and get back to playing!

On Friday, we visited the Fort Worth Nature Center for a live animal presentation. This was one of the best events we have attended. Alex did not want to go, but I made him come with us. I think he enjoyed it more then Maddy. We spoke to the Presenter afterward and Alex may become a volunteer presenter and learn how to handle the reptiles! He is SO excited! Both my kiddos are animal lovers and they were smiling from beginning to end! We will definitely be back to visit again.

Box Turtle

One year old Alligator

Corn Snake

Pretending to be snakes


Yesterday we spent the day at a local waterpark. The kids had a blast. Erin (Alex's awesome nurse), her husband and nephew met us and we had a blast on the slides, wave pool and lazy river. I don't have any pictures because we were too busy enjoying ourselves!

As most of you know, Alex and I do quite a bit of speaking for Cook Children's Hospital and Children's Miracle Network.  We had an event on Tuesday that supports one of our very favorite programs...The Sit...Stay...Play program that funds our beloved dogs. The Credit Unions host a bowl-a-thon each year and it is so fun. This year they let Alex invite some friends to bowl with him after we spoke. The kids had so much fun. We are so grateful for the experiences we have as ambassadors for Cook Childrens.

We also squeezed in 3 days of therapy and two doctors appointments! So needless to say we are all tired! But I love the chance to make amazing memories with my babies even if it wipes us all out!


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