Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Both of my kiddos have my outgoing personality. We all thrive on being with friends and having time with "our" people. Unfortunately our circumstances sometimes hold us back from all of the social time we wish we could have!

The last three weeks of Summer Theater Workshop has been so incredible for Alex. The first week was really rough physically and we questioned whether we would even make it through. But the second week and this week were not as physically demanding and I have watched Alex have the time of his life. He has loved every moment acting, singing and dancing, but more importantly, spending time with friends new and old. He has left each day with a huge smile on his face and lots of stories to tell. I am so happy we decided to give this a try and we can't wait till next Summer to do it again!

Brooke, Ellie, and Alex

Alex and Maddie

Alex and Ellie

Alex, Lane and Ellie

Ellie, Quinn, Alex, Lane and Brooke

Ellie, Alex, Maddie and Brooke

Security Guard, Alex escorting Buddy off

"Sparkle Jolly"

Maddy hasn't felt great the past week, but we were able to sneak in one pool day with Katie and Wyatt! We are hoping this week she will perk up a little bit! 

This next week we have quite a few doctor's appointments. Hopefully, we have good updates all around!


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