Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Vacation Bible School

Phew...We made it a week without any emergencies!

I am not sure where to begin. This was a GREAT week, but we are EXHAUSTED!

Maddy made an awesome turn around. We saw Dr. B on Monday and she had an infection around her Gtube. He prescribed some medication and it seems to have cleared up. Even better, when we were there her lungs were SO much better! Her energy has rebounded and with it her Sassy spunk is back.

This week was vacation bible school at our church. We all VBS and it is something we always look forward to. I have volunteered for years. The poor directors. I went back and forth over and over about if we would be there. I finally decided we would try as long as they knew I might have to leave at any point. We made it all week! Maddy did great. She loved going each morning and is wanting to go to church every day! I had a great little class and enjoyed my teaching partner. One of Alex's best friends from church was one of my youth helpers and she was awesome. Alex volunteered as he has aged out of VBS!!! It was so nice to have a week focused on something other then medical!

The highlight of our week was meeting up with the Glenn's(our friends from the Kidd's Kids Trip). We have had this date on our calendar almost since we got home. We knew Jayla had some appointments in Dallas and we were going to try and get together. VBS is so tiring, but we weren't going to miss the opportunity for some time together. The kids jumped right in where we left off and we spent 3 precious hours just talking and laughing. All five kids love each other, but the relationship between Alex and Jayla is really special. They have some of the same quirks. They get each others silliness. They know how it feels to have medical challenges that make you feel different. They just click on so many levels. Each time we spend time with this precious family, Alex is grinning from ear to ear the whole time. We are already planning our next get together and hoping we can include some of the other friends we made on the trip!

We had promised Maddy the carousel. When it was broken we had to find alternatives!

The crew
Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past few months. Whether through meals, thoughts, prayers, a call, the love has been felt. We continue to find ways to CHOOSE JOY and our friends and families make that possible!


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