Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Love Done Well

As I sat thinking about our week and what I wanted to Blog, I kept coming back to Keller UMC. Our week has revolved around the church. Alex is participating in their Summer Theater Workshop. It consists of two and a half weeks of rehearsals and then three shows. But this story really starts 13 years ago...

It begins with a director of Children's Ministries who has loved this boy since he had white blond hair and big blue eyes and could talk for hours. Who continues to make sure he is included no matter what.

It is about a first Sunday School Teacher who took that little boy under her wings and kept him safe. Who made sure my Mama's heart knew he would be okay. Who still sends us messages of love from another state.

It is about the number of times they have changed snacks or activities so Alex could be included.

It is about the hundreds of times I didn't pre-register and showed up at the last minute knowing we would be welcomed with open arms.

It is about the friends who love Alex exactly as he is and make him happy to be around. Who catch him up on what he has missed and make him laugh and love going to church.

It is about pastors who offer to help when you need someone to sit with your child in the hospital.

It is about directors who say, "It is okay of he can't make it to rehearsal everyday. Just let him come when he feels well enough and we will make sure he knows what he needs to."

It is about the thousands of times prayers have been offered, accommodations made, love offered so a boy would know he is loved and accepted EXACTLY as he is.

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  1. Girl you know I am crying BRAVO to your church being what Jesus intended the body to be! Thanks for sharing!Heather Weaver