Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A really long week

Boy am I glad that last week is over!

Alex's fasting challenge was on Monday the 14th. He did great. It is always hard to keep "healthy" kids happy and entertained in a hospital room. Luckily, the nurses were great and let Alex hang out at the nurses station for a while. We also walked laps around the floor. All in all an okay day and great that Alex is going to get some time unhooked from his feeds for the first time in years.

Over the weekend, we had noticed that Maddy had a red spot on the back of her head. It got more red and was hot and inflamed. Monday morning, I headed over to cranial Tech (her band office) before Alex's test started to let them look at it. They quickly determined that the band was not touching that spot and it looked infected. I was told we needed to take her into the pediatrician. By Monday afternoon Maddy was really fussy. We took her in on Tuesday morning. By then it looked horrible. Dr. B determined it was an abscess and cellulitis and that it needed to be drained. So my poor girl had to have it lanced and drained in the office. I am not sure who was more traumatized, Alex or Maddy. He felt so bad for her. He told me if he could have he would have done it for her. Always the best big brother! Dr. B also let me know that he was concerned that this is her second "odd" infection and that he feels like her immune system bears watching. After filling Alex's immunologist in, she felt that Maddy needed to be seen and we rushed to pack up and get on the road to be seen Wednesday morning in Houston before my appointment. We ran a bunch of labs, but will just continue to watch Maddy and pray this was just a fluke!

After Maddy's appt on Wednesday, I had a pre-op appointment and then we had to get her labs done so it wound up being another really LONG day at the hospital.

Thursday was the day of my heart catheterization. I was not really worried about the procedure, but I was so worried how Maddy would do. The little princess won't take a bottle and I wasn't sure how long it would be that she would be without me. My cath went as well as can be expected. The doctors and nurses talked to me the whole time and made sure I was not feeling any pain since that don't normally do these with their patients completely awake :)! The doctors located the hole right away. They did one simple test and determined it did need to be patched. The patch was placed on the first try and I was done in about 2 hours. unfortunately there were no beds available in the hospital so I wound up in recovery for a long time. They were really understanding of our situation and found me a place to nurse Maddy while we waited for a room. maddy and Bruce were allowed to spend the night with me. Once again our dear friends, Ben and Missy came through for us and Buggy got to have a sleepover which he was thrilled about! I was discharged Friday and we mad it home!

Maddy is recovering from her infection and is done with her helmet as of yesterday. We tried to get her back into it on Tuesday and by Tuesday night her infection was flared up again so Dr. B made the call to call it quits. We think she is perfect anyway! I am doing pretty well. I have not been taking it as easy as I should and have had some minor complications. I am really bruised and sore, but doing well overall. I am just so grateful last week is done.

Here are some of our beautiful blue bonnet pictures courtesy of H Parker photography:


  1. The kiddos are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Here's to a better week ahead!!!