Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, August 10, 2012

Update on the week

Alex and I left Sunday to head to Houston. We were very excited to get to the our Knight's and see our dear friends. I especially couldn't wait to get my hands kn Logan. Monday we saw cardiology for a follow up after Alex's ASD closure in June.The closure device looks perfectly positioned and Dr. N was happy with where we are 6 weeks out. We also saw GI for a check up. No changes there. On Tuesday we saw Dr. Pacheco so we could discuss the low grade temps Alex has been running for the past 3 weeks. Dr. Pacheco and I were both in agreement that it was most likely from his Anemia as we have seen this before. She wanted to run some labs before deciding whether to transfuse him.I also pointed pit a hard lump under his skin at the sight of his dexcom (continuous glucose monitor) insertion. She was concerned that it could be an infection and started him on antibiotics. We have seen s significant improvement so that is good. Wednesday we saw hematologu because Alex has had increased bleeding and bruising since starting on aspirin following his heart surgery. After seeing the labs, it was decided to transfuse him. Unfortunately they couldn't get us into the observation unit until today.Once his transfusion is done we will get on the road to head home. As for Bruce, he has gotten some great leads. We continue to pray for him to find something soon. We are waiting to fond out if ar can cobra just Alex's insurance as it id cost prohibitive to keep us all insured. Alex and I are anxious to get home so we can get ready for our yearly trip yo Mimi and PopPop's. Ali PS- please excuse all yhe typos I updated on my kindle!

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