Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 Weeks of Fun

Alex and I are about to head off on our 3 weeks of fun. This is an annual tradition that we both look forward to all year long. Three weeks of sun, sand, pool, friends and family. We have been counting down for a month and we can't balieve it is finally here. Most likely I will not blog as long as all is well! We leave with Alex in a good place health wise. The only concern is his weight as he teetering ever closer to dropping back under 40 lbs. I learned long ago this is a battle we will always struggle with. We have already had one Doctor mention going back on TPN. We will address those concerns when we get home. Please pray for Alex to remain healthy and for Bruce's continued search for a job. Ali

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  1. Have a wonderful time and I miss you both very much. A million heart bubbles from me to you my sweet Alex!

    Love you both,