Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, March 19, 2012

Out of the PICU...

and possibly back!

Alex had a pretty good night! By this morning his lungs had improved a tad bit. After looking at the last chest xray and the seeing the ridiculous amount of air in his bowels along with pancreatitis the PICU attending was not surprised at how much he was struggling to take deep breaths. The decision was made to once again increase his pain meds in the hope of helping his respiratory status. We also switched his albuterol from as needed to scheduled every 6 hours. Everyone felt he was stable enough to move from the PICU back to our "normal IMU unit".  AS we waited for a bed to open up, Alex continued to run temps. By mid-day his temps were consistently between 102.5 and 103.5. We also couldn't get his HR under 135 even when sleeping.  Around 2:00, we got to our new room. We continued with the same trend. Alex was also extremely quiet. He is not talking at all. For anyone who knows Alex you know how unusual that is. This evening Dr. Pacheco came to see us again. She did not like his vital signs and liked the way he looked even less. She once again called the PICU attending to come take a look at him. We ran another large set of labs. We also gave him a large bolus of fluids. The PICU attending told me that you treat pancreatitis much the same way as burn victims when it comes to fluids. We have him packed in ice and have a fan blowing. The PICU has just been to check on him again. I am unsure at this point whether we will stay put or move back.
I continue to pray for our sweet boy to feel better.
I appreciate all the prayers being sent up for Buggy.

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