Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not much to report

I really thought that today would be a day to address some of the issues and come up with a plan. Unfortunately that did not happen. The good news is that Alex kept his temp in the 99's all day. He was more talkative and this afternoon started to really move some more. That should hopefully start to help clear those lungs. Alex was able to come off oxygen today. Everyone is happy with the progress of his pancreatitis. We lowered his pain meds some more and he has handled it well. We are hopeful we can attempt meds and some trophic feeds into his Jtube by the end of the week. We did not get a plan regarding how we are going to image his femoral vein and see whether he has a dvt or another problem. They were going to talk to radiology and hematology and decide what to do, but I never heard back from anyone. We are still running labs every 12 hours at this point. I am hoping we can go back to once a day tomorrow.  Some of his hematology labs need addressing and he will need a transfusion before we go home. All in all we are moving in the right direction, but still a lot to sort out before we can talk about home.

You can see the difference between Monday and Today!

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