Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No News is Good News

I figure by now you must know if I'm not blogging things are ok! We had a very nice Christmas! Mimi and PopPop were here and it was a quiet relaxed week. Alex is so funny about Christmas. I have never met another child like him. He doesn't rip through all his presents like most kids. It takes us HOURS to open gifts as he opens one thing and wants to play with it before he moves on. It is usually with lots of encouraging that he eventually moves on to something else. It really does make it enjoyable to see how much he loves and appreciates each gift!
Alex a few days before Christmas

Alex and his nurse, Theresa

Alex and Mimi

Alex and Hayley

Acting Silly on Christmas Eve

With Mimi on Christmas Eve

Looking through his Stocking

Opening Presents

We were happy to have Mimi and PopPop for a few days after Christmas. We made a quick trip to San Antonio, toured the Texas Motor Speedway and enjoyed each others company. Once they left it was back to school. Alex has been doing an incredible job for me over the last month. He really thrives when we are home for extended periods and that is reflected in his behavior and temperment.

My poor boy had a few hard days emotionally last week as he was once again missing his buddy, Samuel. It caught me completely off guard and made for a hard few days for me as well. We decided to write Samuel a note and send it to Heaven. Alex seems to be feeling better since then.

We always treasure our times surrounded by friends and we have been fortunate to see our playgroup twice in the last week. Alex was so excited to ring in the New Year (well a few hours early) with his best buddies. We enjoyed dinner and dessert. Not sure if we adults enjoyed it more or the kids as we let them sit at their own table! Then yesterday we finally had everyone healthy to have our playgroup Christmas party. I don't know that I will ever be able to express how important these friendships are to both me and Alex. Playgroup is like our rock and it really does keep us steady when the waters are rough.

Let's see what else....Monday we made one final trip to Six Flags as it was closing for a few months. Reflecting on how far Alex came in his bravery over the season was crazy. Rides he was petrified of a few months ago are now counted among favorites. We can't wait to see what he conquers next year. Multiple times Bruce and I have looked at each other and said that the money we spent on our season passes is some of the best money we spent all year. We more then got our money worth and had some awesome family time in the process.

Last night, I was happy to once again head to church for Wednesday Night Life. One of my good friends is doing a study for women and I decided I needed to do something for myself. I left church feeling so uplifted and encouraged. Alex loved his class and can't wait to go back. I am praying his little immune system and all of our interventions will allow him to stay healthy so we can enjoy this time of fellowship.

We are heading to Houston next Week for 4 appointments. It should be rather routine, but you never know.

We ask that you pray for safe travels and for my sweet boys heart as he struggles with feelings of "not being normal".  I pray that you, our family and friends have a year that is blessed with much health and happiness.

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