Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wish Trip Day 3

Bruce may never forgive me for leaving the camera home today! Another amazing day....

Today was our much anticipated trip to legoland. Alex is at an age when he loves rides. Bruce and I have both always loved amusement parks and rides and Alex certainly has the same genes. He was really looking forward to getting to the park today to ride some rides and check out some cool legos. It was hard to say who was more excited this morning, Bruce or Alex.

We got there early and when we picked up our tickets they also gave us a pass so we could enter the exit of any ride and bypass any lines. That makes any day a lot more fun! We entered the park and immediately rode the first of three roller coasters. Then we rode a boat ride through lego models of fairytales. Next we went on a sky coaster that was pedal powered and a freefall ride that was pulley based. Finally Alex headed to driving school! We are happy to say he did great (besides that one stop sign he ran) and earned his driver license. Very Fun! Then we competed in a police and fire academy contest and won!

We really lucked out when we went into the first store of the day and met Renate! She noticed our shirts and started talking to us. She wasn't about to let us leave without making the day special for Buggy. She took us into the factory behind locked doors and gave Alex a personal demonstration on how legos are made. She let him play in the raw material, showed him each step and made him his own one of a kind lego. The she gave him some collector's legos. Before we left her store she placed a call to the world's top master model builder who agreed to meet Alex and talk to us for a few minuted despite a busy schedule. We quickly raced acrosse the park to meet, Gary McIntyre.
He was so nice and so gracious talking to Alex and answering all Bruce's questions. I am pretty sure by this point Bruce was much more in awe then Alex! I am so grateful for the incredible people we have met this week who have gone out of there way to make this week special!

After our cool meeting we were back to riding rides and having fun. We rode two more coasters, shot foam balls, played in an awesome playground, rode a flume ride, and countless others. WE are heading back tomorrow to ride more rides and this time I will have my camera so I can take pictures of all the incredible sculptures in the park.


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  1. Ali, We love you guys so much and we are incredibly happy to hear about all of Alex's adventures on his trip. You all deserve this precious time. I can't wait to hear about tomorrow. Squeeze that sweet boy for me!