Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waffles and Wishes and Day 1

I decided I should blog each night so I don't forget one minute of this incredible trip. The problem is I fall into bed exhausted shortly after Alex! So Let me back up to the breakfast for those of you who weren't able to attend.

I have spent the last month diligently preparing for Monday. There were lists everywhere, speeches to be written, pictures to send/deliver, suitcases to pack and most importantly surprises to be guarded. As of Monday morning Alex knew NOTHING other then he was going to be the "star" of a Make A Wish fundraising breakfast and would get to meet Darren Woodsen (former cowboy and ESPN analyst). He had no idea that we had invited family and friends, he had no idea a limo was coming, he had no idea we were leaving for San Diego. So Monday morning we tried to act as normal as possible. When the limo arrived at 7:45 am, Bruce quickly loaded the suitcases before we called Alex down to leave. He stood at his van door for a minute before we told him we weren't taking that car and to walk around the back. He was shocked to see a white stretch limo waiting just for him! He thought it was awesome. Everything from the lights that changed colors to the wine glasses to the bag of goodies and balloons for him to not having to use a car seat. He grinned the whole way and decided he "could get used to travelling like that".

We arrived at the Hilton Southlake and started walking in. He wasn't sure what to think as he started to realize some of "our people" were there. I let him know I had invited them to see him on his start day. The breakfast started and I was able to chat with friends while everyone ate (I was way too nervous to eat).  There were a few other speakers and then it was my turn. I was hoping to make it through myu speech without crying, but oh well, the emotion of the day got the best of me. After I spoke Darren surprised Alex with the news that we were leaving for San Diego. Alex's face didn't change at all. Then he leaned over and whispered to me "does he mean tonight, tonight?" I said "yeah, like right now." Then he let out a yahoo and a smile plastered his face. His favorite part of the morning was hanging out in the limo with his buddies.

We had a 1:50 flight to San Diego. When we arrived we were greeted by a Make a Wish volunteer who helped us get our bags, get our rental car and find our hotel. The hotel is incredible! We are on the 12th floor in an ocean view room with a balcony. The bell hop when we got here gave us all sorts of info to help us during our stay and let us know of all the fun activities for Buggy. The reservation girl had a bouquet of daisies and balloons for Alex. We had only been settled in our room for a few minutes when there was a knock on the door. It was the concierge with a basket of candy and snacks and a certificate for a free movie. The service has been unbelievable! We settled in and then headed up the beach a few miles to get dinner. It was early to bed Monday night! Before bed Alex declared it the happiest day of his life.

Yesterday we decided to tackle Seaworld! After a quick "adventure" exploring the hotel grounds and grabbing breakfast we headed the 2 miles to Sea World. Alex told us that he really wanted to pet and feed dolphins. When we got there Bruce went to guest relations to see what we could set up. We decided on a program called Dolphin Encounter.

 We headed to see the sharks before it was time. Alex and I also climbed a net up to a high tower and crossed bridges in the kids section.The dolphin encounter was perfect. I let Bruce and Alex do it so I could get pictures. Alex got 20 minutes with the dolphins and a trainer. He learned hand signals to make them do tricks, fed them and pet them. He was grinning the entire time. I got teary eyed several times watching him with the dolphins. The only problem was that he was worried about his port getting wet when the dolphin splashed so he backed up several times. Always responsible my boy!

After the dolphin encounter we headed over to ride a ride called Riptide Rescue and then to see the Clyde and Seamore Show (sea lions). After leaving the show we had to ride Riptide Rescue 2 more times and then went to the dolphin show. By this point Alex was starting to get tired. We had a few more things we wanted to see before calling it a day. We quickly went through the wild artic exhibit to see Beluga whales, walruses and polar bears and then the penguin exhibit. We were getting ready to leave and realized it was 5 mnutes until the Shamu show. We decided to see that before we headed out. I am so glad we did. That wound up being Alex's favorite part. The last thing we did was ride a skyride across the bay before heading back to the hotel. Alex was sound asleep before 7:00 and I wasn't far behind! Of course I had to do all the usual medical stuff first!

In true Ali fashion, I have already taken 400 pictures! I will post a few here, but more to come when we get home. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us Monday and to those who have prayed for this week to go smoothly.

Off to the Wild Animal Park to find Zebras....


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  1. This is fabulous! I am so excited for him! I love all the pics but the one of him looking at the dolphin ( the back of his head), and the dolphin looking back is my new favorite photo. I hope you continue to have an amazing time! - Meghan :)