Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Energy for Life

This is a post I have put off writing for some time. You, our friends and family, have completely humbled me with your incredible generosity to our family over the last few months. Alex gave us the scare of our lives in December when he was in the PICU and fighting for his life. Since that time we have watched two precious little children join our buddy Samuel in heaven and we have another friend that is fighting this very minute to win his battle against Mitochondrial disease. And yet this devestating illness has no treatment and no cure. Every day I watch Alex go through more then any person should endure. I watch him struggle through shots, 30 doses of medication, carrying a backpack that weighs a third of his weight, long to eat and be able to run and play with his friends. I watch my son smile regardless of what challenges are presented to him and yet I am left feeling completely helpless because there is nothing I can do to help him. EXCEPT try and raise money to fund research that may someday find a treatment or a cure that can save Alex's life.

And so this coming weekend we will walk in the Energy for Life Walkathon in Houston. We will walk to honor Alex and his many friends who struggle with this disease. We will walk in memory of our dear Samuel who we still miss daily. And we will walk for HOPE. For the hope that someday there will be a cure. If any of you would like to join us in Houston to walk, be a virtual walker or sponser us you can join Team Beckwith at

We have made Awesome Alex shirts and anyone who donates $10 will receive a t-shirt as thanks for fighting this battle with us.

We are so thankful for the love you have surrounded us with.



  1. So proud to support Buggy's team! <3

  2. I love and miss Alex very much even though he is VERY loyal to Lauren. Hope to see you this weekend.

  3. I hope you all have a wonderful day today!!