Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bobcats, Rockets and Fun

When I signed Alex up for Cub Scouts at the beginning of the year, it was because we had pretty much decided it was the only thing he could do. Never did I imagine we would meet such amazing people and have so much fun.

Tuesday night was our monthly pack meeting. We knew Alex was going to earn his first badge, the Bobcat Badge. He was really excited. He had also worked hard to earn 3 belt loops in computers, videogames, and bicycling. As we were heading out I grabbed the camera and video camera and told Bruce he was in charge of pictures while I tended to the meeting and making sure my Den was doing what they were supposed to. (I got home and downloaded 3 pictures, so Bruce has forever been fired as photographer). Right after the meeting got started they had a uniform contest. Each den had to send up one boy to represent them. My co-leader and I started looking at the boys and she immediately said, "Let's send Alex up". So we sent Alex up to join the representatives from the other den's. The Cubmaster and another committee member conferred and announced Buggy the winner. I am not sure his uniform was the best, but who could ignore how stinkin cute he was. He was so much littler then every one else. He was so excited to be the winner and get to choose a compass. Later in the meeting the Tiger Cubs were awarded there Bobcat Badges. There was a ceremony where they painted different colors on their faces to represent the values they will need. It was really cute. I continue to love to watch Alex grow and be confident in who he is regardless of the challenges he faces.

Alex after his Bobcat Ceremony

Today was our second Cub Scout activity of the week...a rocket launch! After several trips to Hobby Lobby we picked out our rocket, our engines and Alex and Bruce were hard at work making sure it was assembled correctly. We headed out this morning with our rocket ready. What a neat experience. Words can't describe it so here are some pictures....

Alex with his Rocket

Alex with some of his Friends

Alex and Ryan

Alex listening to instructions from the Cubmaster

Ready for Launch



On it's way down

Alex, Owen, and a new friend

We are so thankful we are part of this awesome pack! We cannot wait for our next fun pack activity!



  1. He looks like he is having so much fun!! And I agree...he just so stinkin' handsome in his uniform. So glad he is enjoying this!!

  2. So great to see Alex having fun and doing some very cool stuff!

  3. How fun! Sam just started Cub Scouts too.
    Henry is in Boy Scouts and is working on his Eagle already! It has been a great thing for Henry and was the only extra thing he could do for years - it has been a really good fit with his medical issues.