Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another First

Where the heck did a week go????

We have been so busy. Friday we had therapy and school. School is going very well. Saturday we met Missy and Ben (who were in Dallas for the weekend) for breakfast and then headed home to rest before we headed out to a hockey game. Starlight Foundation sent us to see a hockey game. Alex LOVED it! We had planned on leaving after 2 periods, but Alex begged and we stayed till the end of the game. He was not happy the Brahmas lost, but had fun regardless.

Sunday we had our first "go-see-it" with Cub Scouts. We went to the log cabin village which is a replica of a colonial village. The boys really weren't nearly as interested in colonial timeas as they were with chasing each other. It was fun anyway. Alex talks about his friends all the time. He is so happy when he is with other kids. It is always bittersweet. I love to see him enjoy himself, but wish it wasn't such a treat just to be around other kids. Here are some pictures:

Alex making coffee. Don't I wish he could really do that!

Alex pumping water

Alex and Walker

Den 2
Monday and Tuesday were not great days as Alex tried to recoup from the exhaustion of the weekend! The last few days have been better, but we are in for another crazy few days.
Alex and I are getting ready to head to the airport to watch a special showing by the Blue Angels courtesy of make a Wish!!! To say we are excited is an understatement. For years, every October we head outside to catch a glimpse of the jets as they fly over our house. The airport that has the show is less then 10 miles from our house. But this time we will be up close. I can't wait! You can be sure I'll have pictures! Afterwards Alex will get to meet the pilots and take photos.
As soon as we are done with the air show we will be on the road. Where you ask? I am about to say something I never thought would leave my mouth....Alex is going to camp! We are heading to the first annual Mito Family Camp at Camp for All. This is an experience I never thought My Buggy would have. He will sleep in a cabin with the other campers. Bruce and I will be in other cabins. He will participate in all sorts of camp activities. Dr. Koenig and Lakeesha will be there to ensure everyone's health and safety. I will take care of his meds (we all decided that would be best) and his central line care, but otherwise he will have counselors and urses to help him. Many of our friends from the hospital will be there including nurse, child life girls, docotrs, and other kids we know. It should be an incredible weekend. I am so thankful Bug will have this experience.
Straight from camp, Bug and I will be catching a ride to Houston with the Knights. We will have a few days of appts and fun with our good friends before Missy brings us home and spends a few days of girl time with me. Alex will see ENT, GI and Immunology while we are in Houston.
I will not have my computer with me so I probably will not update until I am home. Please pray for bug to have a good time and for his health.


  1. Ooo, CAMP! I hope you both have an amazing time!

  2. Call me when y'all are here!!!! I would love to see you and Missy and the kids again!