Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

On the Road AGAIN!

Alex and I are packing up and getting ready to head out to Houston. This is my very least favorite kind of trip because I have no idea how long we will be there! Let me explain.... Ignore the smoke coming out of my ears, BUT Alex's cardiology appt was cancelled for what amounts to the 5th time this year. Alex has never seen a carsiologist and the heart is an organ that is often effected in mito. So we need to see the cardiologist. I left a very unhappy message the day I got the call. I got a call back and they can see Alex but not until Sept 8th. What?!!! So variable number one is whether I will extend my trip an entire week to see cardiology. Also adding to the fun is two surgery issues. Alex's port is once again not drawing back blood for the umpteenth time and he is having pretty significant pain around his jtube where there is quite a bit of scar tissue. So depending on how they decide to fix his port and if they need to do anything to his Jtube will determine when we come home. Not easy to pack when you have no length of stay, don't know if you will be inpatient for any of it, etc. Thank goodness the Knights are so good to us and not only let us stay for any undetermined amount of time, but also let me leave whatever supplies I want in an attempt to make life easier. Missy and Ben- I will forever be grateful for being so selfless and for loving Alex and I like family. You make every trip to Houston so much more like a vacation. Because of you, Alex and I look forward to our trips instead of dreading them. Mis- I'll even try to not yell at you if you keep me up all night!!!

In other exciting news....We started school this week. Alex seems to be really enjoying it so far. It is called Hideaways in History. His favorite parts are "Indiana Stickenstones, Sticky and Chirp" (three bugs that take us back into history and tell stories), making his "hideaway" for the week, and his readers which are pretty advanced and will have him reading chapter books by the middle of the year. I am impressed with how quickly he has jumped back into our routine. So far he doesn't seem to have lost any skills over the summer. Reading is by far his best subject. This makes me happy because I have always been a reader. I hope he continues to find joy in books.

I will have my laptop with me so I will be updating. Please pray for a good trip and as always for Bruce to find a good job.


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