Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home Again

It is always so very hard to say goodbye. Anyone who knows me knows I hate saying goodbye. It always reduces me to a crying mess. I wish I could have all my friends and family close by. Well unfortunately my Buggy got my emotional DNA. It is safe to say that the two of us make quite a scene at the airport. I am pretty sure the people in Wilmington thought someone had died when they saw Alex and I after saying goodbye to Mimi on Wednesday!

Let me see where to start....Last Saturday Shortly after naptime Cayman and Weatherly came to visit. The kids quickly fell into their routine of playing. Weatherly and I had a little time to catch up and then we headed off for dinner and ice cream at the creamery. It was pretty late by the time we got home and the kids fell asleep. Weath and I were like two schoolgirls chatting well into the night. I love my time with Weatherly. We always step back into our friendship as if we have seen each other the day before. It is comfortable and safe. We can share all our feelings. After only a few hours of sleep we headed to the beach. Grandpa also came back for a last visit. The kids played and we had more girl time. We met up with good family friends adn Alex loved having Nikki to drag in the water with him and Cayman. (So did I!) Buggy was so brave. For the first time in his life he went under the waves without crying. After the beach we headed back to Mimi and PopPop's to jump in the pool before Weath and Cayman had to leave. Once again my brave boy put his face in the water. What a HUGE breakthrough! After tearful goodbyes, we spent some more time swimming with Mimi, PopPop and Grandpa.

Monday Me, Bug, Mimi and Grandpa went to the outlets to get Buggy some new crocs and a few new outfits. Then it was a quiet afternoon. ANd my Dad's famous eggplant Parmagiana for dinner. Ummmm!

Tuesday Grandpa left and Mimi, Alex and I went to meet SueSue, Peter, and Nikki at the beach for our last time. It was a perfect day. We enjoyed our last day together. WE went for dinner with some neighbors/friends and then headed to the creamery for ice cream and to give Ms. Sheila hugs goodbye until next year. The only bad part was that we weren't able to meet up with Heather, Derrick and the kids which we had been really looking forward to.

Wednesday I awoke in tears thinking about the goodbyes to come. My Mom is my closest ally and supporter. My most heartfelt wish is that we could live closer. The relationship between her and Alex is magical and warms my heart to see (even if she does spoil him rotten). I hate the months that stretch between visits. Alex and I wait all year for this special trip where we all get to be together for 3 uninterrupted weeks. And so no matter how hard it is for us to travel and no matter how inconvenient it is for Mom and TC we all long for the days of July when we can be together.

Mom and TC- Thanks for opening your home and making it ours. We wish we were closer so we could do it more often. Alex and I love you more then we can say.

Dad- Thanks for always making the effort to see us. Thanks for being generous and making sure that we get to see Jen and Mom too. But most of all thanks for the eggplant!!!!!

Jenn and Skye-Skye- We love you guys. We are so happy you were able to come up and see us. Even if the boys fight more like brothers then cousins.

Weatherly and Lisa- I love you guys. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy lives and coming all the way to Mom's so we could see each other.

To Aunt Patti, Bobby, Penie, Sue-Sue, Peter and Nikki- I am so gald we got to see you! I love you all.

To all my friends I didn't get to see....I pray that we will see you next year. I miss you all.

So out of NC and back to HOT TX! After a day of travel on Wednesday, I was fortunate to have our old nurse Theresa come help out on Thursday while I tried to clean, unpack, do laundry, make meds, refill supplies and prescriptions, go through mail and the list goes on and on. It was so nice to have the help from someone who knows our routine and how I do things without any instructions. Theresa- I appreciate you changing your schedule to help us.

Yesterday was my birthday and thanks to good friends I had a really special day! We went to the circus for Buggy's first time and he LOVED it! He loved everything from the animals to the acrobats. He sat with a grin plastereed to his face. After the circus we went out for Mexican. Yum! Kelly, Bob, Walker and Wyatt- Thank you so much for making my birthday so awesome. I love you guys!

Today Grandma (Bruce's Mom) flies in and tomorrow Aunt Cassie comes. We are so excited. It has been way too long. They will soak up every moment with this litle angel.

As we reach the middle of August we ask once again for prayers for Bruce to find a GREAT job with good benefits. We are all so emotionally drained from the constant worry about money and how we can afford to keep Buggy's precious insurance. In the last week Bruce has gotten a few bites on his resume and we remain hopeful that one of these is his PERFECT job. We also ask that you pray for Buggy's health as we have had some increase in seizures over the last few weeks.

We love you all and thank you for the blessing you are in our lives.

PS- I will post pictures soon.

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