Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, June 4, 2010

No News Is Good News

I really don't have much to say! Do you know what a blessing that is????

We have had a good, quiet few days! The usual....therapy, school, naps, etc. School is going well. We only have a few more weeks and we will take a break until we gear up again in late August. I have my curriculum picked out and am just waiting to scrounge up the funds to buy it. Alex is excited once again about what we have decided to study.

Alex had a haircut with Daddy today. He always looks so cute when his hair is freshly cut. And at least we are well past the point where he cries and screams every time he has to go!

We are loving our new nurse! She is so kind and really calm with Alex. I am working to get her up to speed on all our meds, interventions and the many little things it takes each day to keep Buggy going.

I have managed to escape twice this week for some girl time and leave Robin and Bruce to man the fort! I had lunch with a good friend on Tuesday and then had dinner with all my girlfriends from MOMS club last night. It is always so nice to get dressed, do my hair and feel half normal!Thanks for all of you being there to give me a much needed break. It was good for my soul!

The ramp up begins AGAIN! Grandpa is flying in on Tuesday. Which is also Buggy's 6th birthday! Can you believe my baby is going to be six?????We can't wait to see Gramps again. We keep telling him if he is going to come 6 times a year he should just move here!

I think that is all! Prayers as always that Bug stays healthy and that Brucey's perfect job is right around the corner!


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