Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterday was an all around great day!

Alex is officially on vacation! He has two weeks school free! We are supposed to have perfect weather and we plan to make the most of it.

Grandpa flew in yesterday morning. Alex was SO excited! As always he was glued to him the rest of the day. I love to watch them giving each other a hard time and laughing.

In the afternoon we headed out to participate in Alex's first ever Easter Egg Hunt. It is only appropriate that it be with his very best buddies! It was held at a small botanical gardens. We got there early and I was able to convince him to let me get some pictures. Then we got to have a friend who is a professiona​l photographe​r take some photos of him holding a rabbit. He loved that little rabbit, but was not happy it had sharp claws! Then it was on to the hunt. He thought it was so much fun to collect the eggs and compare his goodies to his friends. The kids weren't thrilled when we forced them to endure our never ending photo shoot to attempt to get all 7 kids looking at the camera at once. As our loyal followers know, we force the kids to do this every holiday so they know the routine, they just aren't happy about it. BUT, at least we have five and a half years of photos of these kids growing up together. Some day they'll thank us!

It was an awesome day! Thanks again to Jessica for being so generous and helping us create memories.


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