Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, March 22, 2010

This week has been much slower! Other then therapy we pretty much just stayed home. We did have one fun outing. We went with some good friends bowling. Alex had a great time. It is always fun to play with friends. Alex and I have been working really hard on school the last few weeks. We had missed a week I had planned on when we got held up in houston last time. We are scheduled to have the next 2 weeks off as vacation. So with all that said, Alex has busted his little bottom to get through what needed to be done. I am proud of him.

The craziness starts this week for sure! Grandpa is coming on Wednesday for two weeks. We have lots of fun activities planned. We are going to the zoo, the botanical gardens, bowling, planting flowers, etc! We are so excited and the weather looks perfect.

We have two neat opportuniti​es this week. One, our MOMS club that we have been a member of since Alex's birth is holding a fundraiser on our behalf. Two of the other Mom's who are photographe​rs are going to take pictures and we will get a portion of the proceeds. I am so thankful for the my playgroup and the entire Mom's club for putting this together. Jessica and Alyssa- Thank you so much for taking your time to help us. These pictures will be in conjunction with an Easter Egg Hunt. So for the first time Alex will participate in an easter egg hunt. It should be really fun!
The second activity is really exciting. There is an organizatio​n called "The Littlest Heroes Project". Professiona​l Photograher​s do sittings and take portraits of chronically ill children free of charge. We applied last spring and were accepted. However, the photographe​r we chose and I couldn't get our times together and then it got too hot. We just started talking again and we will be having our session on Saturday. I am so excited. We could never afford to have professiona​l pictures done. This is such a blessing. I have always been someone who has loved pictures. Over the last 5 years they have become so much more important. Because we do not know what Alex's future holds, we treasure every picture and the memories they carry with them. If you would like to see the work of the photographe​r we are using, you can check her out at www.starglo​

I feel like a broken record, but please continue to pray for Bruce's job search, our financial situation, our insurance, and of course Buggy's health.


P​S- No shaving cream pics b/c Bug was NAKED!

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