Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another long day comes to an end! The tests this morning did not happen. They were not scheduled with anesthesia and when we got there they told us they refuse to do it without anesthesia because it is too painful. So they cancelled the test. I was pretty frustrated as I had asked for it to be moved to be under anesthesia with his tube change. We are trying to decide if we will do it while we are here ar just do it another time.

Alex's tube change went well. It was super quick!We are very excited to have our new tube which is a better fit and a better design. Dr. Tsao came out afterward and said it was oozing quite a bit which leads him to believe it was prety irritated inside. We are hoping this tube will make a difference in Alex's comfort level. We wound up in PACU (recovery) for quite a while as there were no rooms available on our floor. We finally got settled in about 6:30.

I will update when I know more of the plan about discharge.

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