Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am going to do my best to recount the day, but I am exhausted so forgive me if it is scattered.

After much discussion this morning and a visit from Alex's regular surgeon (who came in on his day off!) it was decided NOT to change Alex's tube. Dr. Tsao explained that removing the tube is "traumatic" and damages the intestine. We do not want to do that more often then necessary since Alex will most likely always need a J-tube. For this reason we need to leave this tube in place until it stops working.

The​n we found out that the machine used for two of the prcedures broke yesterday and wouldn't be fixed until at least Monday. So it was decided to go ahead with the MRI of his spine.

We were called down a little before noon and expected to only be a couple hours. Well it was practically impossible to get him under sedation. It took 3 times what it would take a grown man and over 2 hours to even get him lying on the bed. Then he woke up twice during the procedure. he is doing okay now, but is very out of it. He is on oxygen to make sure he is breathing okay.

I am not sure what we are doing about his abdominal pain yet. The only other thing was we saw hematology and they want to come back tomorrow to discuss some more things.

I think that is it. Thanks for keeping Buggy in your prayers.

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