Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Isn't this fun, me having only "normal" kid stuff to update?

Saturday when I deaccessed (ttok the needle out) Alex's port we had planned to go swimming. He can't get wet when his port is accessed so it is a real treat. Well, it poured rain ALL day. We decided to leave him deaccessed and swim on Sunday. So I woke up Sunday all set for a pool day to find that the high was only 70. Not exactly pool weather. I knew Alex would be upset so I had to be on my toes. I knew the dogs needed baths so i told Alex he could play in the hose. Well, boy did he make the best of it. I don't remember the last time he was so happy. You would have though I gave him the world. He had a ball. So it worked out well.
Yester​day was our last day of horseback riding until the fall. Alex was sad to say goodbye to Pocket and Traci, but he did a great job and got to trot.
Becaus​e I chose to leave Alex deaccessed Saturday night I wasn't able to replace fluids that night as I usually do. It was apparent he was on the dehydrated side when we got our labs yesterday. Not a big deal, nothing that a little extra fluid last night couldn't take care of. His triglycerid​es are once again high. Not really sure what that is all about, but I will address it next week during our appointment​s.
Dr. Koenig is concerned about his bruising. We aren't really sure what is causing it. We have some thoughts, but Dr. Koenig is thinking about it.
I think that is all for now.

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