Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, July 28, 2008

I know one thing for sure, we never have any lack of excitement around here!

First, we are having a great time in NC. Jenn, Skye and Grandpa were here for the weekend. We have been to the waterpark, the beach and the alligator farm. We even roasted marshallows!​
Now for the not so good news... The day before we flew here Alex got a few red spots on his face. We weren't sure what they were but we assumed they were bug bites. I checked with Dr. Koenig and she ok'd us leaving. Fast forward to Saturday, Mom and I started breaking out in red spots. We all 3 have chicken pox! Alex has also been having some "episodes" of repetitve blinking. I spoke to Dr. Koenig today. She is VERY concerned. If we were in Texas she would admit us to monitor him. Because I am here I am watching him very closely and will leave at the first sign of Alex not doing well. Dr. Koenig's main concern is that these episodes that she feels are seizures started around the same time of all of this. We are praying that Alex holds on so we can finish our vacation.

We will head to Houston a day earlier then planned. She will do an EEG and possibly an MRI and spinal tap.

Please pray for Alex. I will keep you updated.


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