Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Heading to Houston

This will be a quick post as we are so excited to leave in a bit and pick Mimi and PopPop up from the airport! I just wish it was for a fun week and not to tackle a crazy week of appointments! Heading to Houston is always a mix of emotions for me. We are so very grateful for doctors who have walked this very rocky path with us, who have loved us like family, and who are so very knowledgeable about Mitochondrial Disease. But I dread the long drive, the long appointments and the exhaustion from a week of appointments like this. This week I am hopeful for some "help" as Alex has not felt well in months and Maddy is having her own struggles. Prayers for safe travels, good appointments and lots of time to enjoy Mimi!
Maddy and Atticus
Atticus is a service dog who works at Maddy's therapy center. When Maddy checks in she always says she is there to see her therapist and Atticus. Sweet Atticus comes running when he hears our voices. These two have grown up together and really are sweet together.

 Alex loves his violin instructor/mentor/friend, Sonny. I am pretty sure they spend as much time chatting as they do playing violin. It is fine with me. Sonny is the kindest, most genuine person I know. If Alex learns to be half as kind as Sonny, he will be doing good!

We said goodbye to our Zoey on Thursday, as she headed to her trainer for a month. These two are really going to miss each other! Hopefully, Zoey is a good student and comes home with even better manners then when she left!

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers this week,

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