Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, March 10, 2017

Poor Maddy

Tuesday night Maddy was crawling down the stairs for dinner and slipped on the last step before the landing. She was crying hysterically. At first I thought she was just scared, but she quickly told me her foot hurt. She barely ate (which anyone who knows Maddy, knows is really unusual!). When I went to put her down from her chair she started screaming again that her foot hurt. She refused to stand or walk the rest of the night. I was hoping that she would sleep and forget about it and wake up good as new Wednesday. Unfortunately, it was quickly clear that she was still in tremendous pain if she attempted to stand. I tried to get in with our pediatrician, but he had no appointments and urged me to take her to Urgent Care. They took x-rays at urgent care, but they were read as normal. By Wednesday evening Maddy had spiked a fever of 103 that climbed to 104 despite tylenol. Our pediatrician asked to see her Thursday morning. Maddy woke up yesterday afebrile, but still refusing to weight bear. The few times she forgot and tried to stand she would scream and crumble to the floor. Dr. Benzick felt sure we were dealing with a fracture despite the negative x-rays. He originally thought it might be a "toddler fracture" (fracture of the lower tibia), but after examining her and listening to her explain where it hurt he felt like it was her foot. He referred us to orthopedics today. They redid x-rays and confirmed a fracture in her 5th metatarsal. Based on her exam she may also have fractured her 4th metatarsal. Poor girl is now sporting a blue cast for the next 4 weeks. She has been such a trooper, but can't wait to start feeling better so she can stand and hobble around to get what she wants. Although she has reverted to crawling in the meantime.

We were supposed to be travelling to San Antonio this weekend for a quick get a way, but had to postpone it.

We did manage to have some fun yesterday. The Cook Children's Health Foundation asked Maddy and Alex to be a part of their marketing plan and take photos for their Children's Miracle Network Promotional materials. We love the girls at the foundation and all they do for Cooks. We were so happy to spend a little time with them yesterday and they got some really cute photos despite Maddy not being able to stand!

We are just planning on a quiet weekend and week while Maddy starts to heal. Thanks for checking in on us!


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