Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Two months!

My days are so busy right now I am struggling to find anytime for myself and especially to blog!

Let me see where do I begin...Early in December we were invited to Breakfast with Santa by Make a Wish. We always enjoy our time with the MAW family. We feel so blessed to be included in their fun activities.
On December 19th, Alex had his next belt testing. he tested for his orange belt and did an awesome job. I love watching him devote himself to something and working hard to achieve his goals. The instructors love working with him and Bug loves them. They are so positive and encouraging. Joining Kick Tiger martial Arts has definitely been a highlight of this year for us. Alex was so worried about breaking his board, but succeeded on his first try.
Mimi and Pop-Pop came to visit for Christmas. We were so excited for them to arrive and counted down the days before their arrival. We loved having 8 days to enjoy each others company. they got some good time with their Bug. He went out with them a few times on his own and even had a sleepover at the hotel! Mimi and Pop-Pop also got to enjoy seeing Maddy's little personality starting to shine through. She was full of smiles. I was grateful to have Mimi's arms to share the snuggle time and give me a break. Pop-Pop also helped Bruce fix some things around the house which was so helpful to us.
The kids had an awesome Christmas. One of the highlights was Santa coming to our house on Christmas Eve. I wish you could have seen the expression on Alex's face when he answered the door. We also laughed watching Maddy.  She loved Santa. She was just grinning at him. Alex says maddy is the best Christmas present. I have to agree.

(Somehow we had no pictures of Pop-Pop. Sorry Pop-Pop)
Mimi and Pop-Pop left on New Years Eve. It is always so hard to say goodbye. We desperately wish we lived closer to family and they could enjoy the kids on a more regular basis. I love watching the love between the kids and their grandparents.
Medically speaking we are doing okay. Alex had an MRI of his liver on December 20th. I was so proud of him as he did it unsedated for the first time and was a champ. He was so brave. he amazes me daily with his incredible spirit. We are struggling once again to get his nutrition at a better place. He has been very fatigued over the past month.  We are unsure whether it is the leftover issues from being sick or nutrition based, but we are working to try and get it sorted out. Otherwise, he is doing well.
Maddy turned 2 months old on December 31st. We had her 2 month check up. She weighed 9 lb 2 oz. She is really becoming more alert. She is a mama's girl. She loves to be held and is full of smiles. She is meeting all of her milestones. We are still trying to get a grasp on her reflux. Poor baby really hurts some days. And holding this child without a burp cloth is not advised! She loves her brother and he continues to be the BEST big brother. He must kiss her a thousand times a day.
I think that gets us caught up! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that the New Year is every thing you hope for.

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