Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Three Weeks

Three weeks! Crazy. In so many ways it seems like Maddy has been with us forever. I am finding my feet and figuring out how to care for all of Alex's medical needs and take care of Maddy and play with my boy and still find time to eat and sleep! It will be interesting when I add school back in for sure! Luckily, Maddy continues to be such a good baby. We are loving watching her little personality develop. She is staying awake for longer each day and loves music and especially her brother. She is such a content little girl. She rarely cries unless she is hungry or her reflux is hurting her little belly. We are all so in love with our "smooshie" as we've taken to calling her. She loves to be held, but also likes to play on her floor mat or in her bouncy seat. Alex continues to be incredible. I am not quite sure how I would manage if he wasn't such a huge help. He is always willing to get me what I need, watch his little sister and help me in the mad dash to get out the door on time! He has not complained at all about being asked to step up. He cannot get enough of his sister. He is forever kissing her.

In medical news, We had to head to Cook's twice this week. Alex is struggling a little bit with his nutrition and therefore his energy. The special vitamins that were prescribed to Alex last January and that made a big difference have been backordered for months. We believe this is the main thing behind the decline we have seen. As we wait for those vitamins to become available again we are going to add more calories to his TPN in an attempt to get some weight on those skinny little bones!
As for Maddy, we had to go back to Dr. Benzick on Monday for a weight check since she hadn't regained her birth weight at 2 weeks. On Monday, she had gained a few ounces to 6 lb 9 oz, but still wasn't back to birth weight. We started reflux meds and changed the way I was nursing to try and increase weight gain. We had to head back yesterday. We needed a minimum of 4 oz of weight gain for Dr. B to feel okay with where we were. I have been worried all week about her weight gain. She is still so tiny! On Thursday morning, I decided to release my worry and just turn it over to God. I was already doing all I could! My prayers were answered and she had gained exactly 4 oz! So my little peanut is up to 6 lb 13 oz. Dr. Benzick is willing to let me monitor at home and call if I have concerns, but we don't have to go back next week! Yay!

Thanks for checking in!

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