Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, October 21, 2013

Quick Update

This will be quick...

First let me start off by saying, THANK YOU to everyone who so generously bought popcorn. Alex came in second this year, but that is okay. He worked really hard and sold over $1500 worth. Alex and I have talked about what a great job his packmate did to beat him and Alex will congratulate him on a job well done!

Alex started Taekwondo on September 17th. From the very first class he has immersed himself  wholeheartedly. He has worked so hard to learn everything necessary. Alex was one of only 2 white belts in the academy who were ready for belt testing. All week Alex was excited and really nervous. He knew he was ready, but was worried about not passing. Saturday morning Alex woke up asking for some bible verses to repeat to himself to try and stay calm. I was so proud of him for turning to prayer to calm himself. Belt testing was scheduled for 12:30. Once we got to the gym, Alex's nerves calmed some. His favorite instructor went over everything with Alex to be sure he was ready and the test started.
Alex waiting his turn


Alex breaking his board

Alex Practicing

The incredible Staff at Kick Tiger Martial Arts

Proud of his new yellow belt
I cannot say enough about this gym and how they have accepted Alex and worked to challenge him and yet keep him safe. They really have gone above and beyond anything we could have expected! Alex had begged me before going in not to cry. (Anyone who knows me, knows I am quick to tear up) I made it all the way through the testing. However, when they were done the instructors had Alex sit on the floor and meditate with his eyes closed. They had Bruce and I come stand behind him and they laid the yellow belt on the floor. They had him open his eyes and turn around. Then he had to take off his white belt, fold it neatly and present it to us. We were then to tie on his new belt. As he hugged me and I thought back on all that he has been through in his short life and all that he has accomplished I was so proud. I couldn't hold the tears back anymore.As I look at this handsome, kind, funny loving boy, I am once again reminded how very lucky I am to get to be his Mom.
As for my trouble maker of a little girl....We have made it! Friday I will be full term! It has been a rough few weeks with contractions about every 4 minutes around the clock. I also have horrendous heartburn and nausea. But with all the complications of this pregnancy, she has made it a safe place to deliver. I am so grateful. Her room is ready, her car seat is in the car. We are all excited. I saw my OB today and I am fully effaced and 1 cm dilated. He feels like I could go into labor at any point. I have to put up with 1 more week of meds to try and slow down the contractions and my last week of bed rest and as of new Monday all restrictions are lifted. We are all anxious to meet this precious little sweetheart.
My Mom is flying in on Friday to help me for the last little bit and to make sure she is here for Maddy's arrival. Alex and I are excited to see Mimi. What an exciting few weeks we have coming up.


  1. Congratulations Alex, and so happy to hear of the answered prayers of your pregnancy. We will continue to pray for safe delivery as well...coming up soon!

  2. I hope we haven't heard from you because that sweet baby is here and you are busy with her!