Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Crazy Week!

This week has been crazy and full of lots of excitement, both good and bad. Since our beach trip, Alex and I have jumped headfirst into our fourth grade curriculum. We are getting a jump on school so we can take a nice long break when Maddy arrives! So far Alex really seems to be enjoying our new curriculum and he has been working hard for me. he is happy to be back to exclusively homeschooling and keeps insisting that when Maddy is old enough we have to homeschool her.

We also celebrated Alex's birthday a little late with his best friends. We had such a good time swimming at the pool and just enjoying time with good friends.

We had planned to spend July 4th enjoying the fireworks with our friends as has become a tradition through the years. This year we were going to head to Fort Worth as their display was suppossed to be especially good. As you can imagine we hit the traffic expected with a major city fireworks display. As we were in traffic trying to get to the parking lot Bruce's car began to overheat and we had to bail on the fireworks. I felt so bad for Alex as he was so sad to not get to spend the evening with his friends. He is such a trooper. We made the best of it and walked down the block to see what we could of the dispay. Mia was not so fond of the fireworks. Poor Girl!

As for medically. We have had a few appointments here, but overal Alex is doing really well. We are still trying to get to the bottom of the pulmonary issues adn how we can best help Alex. We are heading to Houston this week for an appointment that has me on edge to say the least.  All the way back in 2008, we discovered that Alex has a syrinx. Simply speaking, a syrinx is a collection of fluid in the spinal cord. In Alex's case it is very large. (For my curious, medical friends, it goes from C4 through the entire thoracic spine). We have done repeated MRI's to follow this and try and determine if it is putting pressure on the spinal cord and causing any of Alex's vast array of symptoms. It was decided a few months ago that it was time for us to consult with neurosurgery. I am very hopeful that neurosurgery just wants to continue to follow it as the alternative surgery is very scary. I will update next week once this appointment is over.
As for me and Maddy, we are doing good. Maddy is getting bigger and stronger every day and Bruce and Alex have both been able to feel her kick several times. She is quite a mover and squirmer and I feel her all the time! I am 22 weeks now and getting more excited to hold this little sweet pea in my arms in a few months! Alex is so excited and sweet. He has begged to get rid of his bed and get twin beds when Maddy is old enough so they can share a room. He has also informed me that he will be the last one to kiss her and tuck her in each night. My Bug has such a sweet, kind heart and it is already showing through when it comes to being a big brother!
My car needed service, so yesterday Bruce took it in in the morning, He was gone almost all day and came home to surprise me with the news that he had bought me a new van! We don't have it quite yet, but should by the end of the week. Very exciting! I will have to post some pictures once we get it.
I think that is all fro npw. Thanks for keeping up with us!

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